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    Time/Date in DWCS4

    Hi Folks,

    I found the command to put the time/date on my webpage via DW CS4. However, it is NOT dynamic. IE, it will only update when I update my webpage in DW. This is not good. I want it to constantly have the correct time and date LIVE.

    Any thoughts?

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    Does your server support php? if so, add this to your page:
    <?php print date('d-m-y H:i'); ?>
    You can alter the code between the ' ' however it might suit you. There's an instruction of what to put there on the website:
    hi there!

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    Yeah as above is a simple way of showing it, or of course look along the lines of an SSI or Javascript to show the date and time. Dreamweaver only inserts the current date and time as this is to display when the page was revised
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    or you can use flash for this.

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