Affordable, Simple, Reliable Web Hosting and VPS Solutions

Who are we?

RentaVPS is a new company with a simple mission, to provide affordable and reliable hosting and VPS solutions. We take a no messing around approach to business and will not mess you around, just deliver you a reliable service.

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What comes with our VPS:

- Core2Duo/Core2Quad Powered Servers
- At least 4GB DDRII RAM and 250GB RAID1 Protected Storage
- VePortal Control Panel - Start/Stop/Reboot/Reload/Backup your VPS
- OpenVZ Based
- 100MBPS Connectivity
- Multiple Choice of Operating Systems
- Directadmin just $5 per month and cPanel/WHM just $10 per month
- Fantastico just $1 additional
- 2 IP Addresses Included FREE

Our Summer special offers:


50GB Space
1024MB Burst RAM
2 IP Addresses
1TB Bandwidth
$10.00 Per Month
Order Securely Now:

Add cPanel for just $10.00 a month and get free management with all cPanel based VPS servers. Average setup times 4-12 hours.


80GB Space
1024MB RAM
2048MB Burst RAM
2 IP Addresses
1.5TB Bandwidth
$20.00 Per Month
Order Securely Now:

Add cPanel for just $10.00 a month and get free management with all cPanel based VPS servers. Average setup times 4-12 hours.

Package Addons:

Operating Systems:

CentOS FREE | Debian FREE | OpenSUSE FREE | Gentoo FREE | Fedora Core FREE | Ubuntu FREE

Control Panels and Management:

cPanel/WHM $10.00 Per Month
cPanel/WHM/Fantastico $11.00 Per Month
Directadmin $5.00 Per Month
Webmin FREE
Kloxo FREE

Additional RAM, Space, Bandwidth and IP Addresses:

128MB RAM $2.50 Per Month
256MB RAM $5.00 Per Month
512MB RAM $10.00 Per Month
1024MB RAM $20.00 Per Month

10GB Space $2.50 Per Month
20GB Space $5.00 Per Month
50GB Space $10.00 Per Month

100GB Bandwidth $5.00 Per Month
200GB Bandwidth $10.00 Per Month
500GB Bandwidth $20.00 Per Month

2 IP Addresses Included
2 Additional IP Addresses $2.50 Per Month
4 Additional IP Addresses $5.00 Per Month

Datacentre and Server Information:

Server Information: We utiilize a range of Core2Duo and Core2Quad chips, these are usually E7400, E8200, E8400 and Q8200, Q8400 CPU's. Each server will have 4GB DDRII RAM if its a dual core and 8GB DDRII RAM if its a quad core. Each dual core will have 250GB RAID1 Protected Storage and each Quad Core at least 500GB RAID1 Protected Storage.

Datacentre Information: Our datacentre is located in Tampa, Florida. Bandwidth providers include Timewarner, Level3 and Global Crossing.

DC Location: Tampa, Florida
Test IP:

Frequently Asked Questions and Support:

Our FAQ's:

Q: What is and isnt allowed on your VPS?
A: No Illegal Adult Content, No Warez Linking, No Warez Hosting. Proxies ARE allowed and legal adult content is allowed

Q: Whats the typical setup time?
A: Typical setup times for VPS are 2-24 hours depending on control panels and custom requests

Q: Do you offer a moneyback guarantee?
A: On VPS, Unfortunaetly we do not due to fraud orders

Q: Do you backup the VPS?
A: No, We are not repsonsible for backing up your VPS, you are responsible for maintaining backups. We can provide offsite storage for $0.20 per GB. Please ask if you would like this setup.

Q: What are bandwidth overages charged at?
A: Bandwidth overages are $0.25/GB, We reccomend purchasing blocks of additional bandwidth before running over, prices are as above for additional bandwidth.

Support Contact:

We have a variety of methods for you to get in contact with us. These are as follows:

MSN: [email protected]
Skype: RentaVPS
Sales Email: [email protected]
Support Email: [email protected]
24/7 Helpdesk:

If you have any questions please let us know and we look forward to working with you.