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    Coldfusion needed, any experience with Sozohosting?

    Any experiences with Sozohosting?

    I have been with Jodohost for quite a few years but recently discovered a vulnerability with their shared hosting after my websites were infected with a malicious script. Jodo refuses to address the problem and my sites continue to get reinfected forcing me to look for a new host.

    I have 4 domains I need to host. I would prefer to keep the cost to less than $20/month total. CF6+ is a must.


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    Jodohost are good hosts. What happened? Is it possible vulnerability was just in a 3rd party app or site code? Was the whole server compromised?

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    I'd rather not go into detail on the vulnerability since others using their services might try exploiting it as well.

    Other clients that use the same server my shared hosting account is on have purposely/accidently uploaded malicious code that is infecting all of the sites hosted on that server.

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