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    Noob question: Turning LAN shared folder address into IP address


    I want to create an http address that will access a certain file in a folder. When I put it into my browser the file will automatically open with its default program. It has to be an http address.

    The file is on a shared drive that is running on a local server. On my computer it appears as:

    Equancy on 'srv-equancy' (Z: )

    Srv-equancy is the server, equancy is the drive, as far as I am aware.

    I also have the IP address of the server.

    This is the location of the file as it appears on my computer:


    Sorry about if I have missed out information.

    Can anyone help?

    Many thanks

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    You can install apache web server:

    That will allow you to make the file available via http.

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    Many thanks for the reply.

    So is there no way of doing it whilst we are using Windows Server for SMB?

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    we are using ftp instead.

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    You would just need to setup a web server (IIS, Apache, etc) as you would for any other site, except you will set your mapped directory to be the Home/DocumentRoot directory.

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