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    Is there a control panel for ESX ?

    We currently have all our servers running ESX to provide virtual machines as part of another business, but with the economy lately we have seen some slowdown.
    I would like to fill that capacity by possibly exploring unmanaged VPS's but currently have no way to automate the setup process.

    Do control panels exist for servers that are already running ESX?

    EDIT: I'm not sure if it matters, but our Virtual Infrastructure client/manager is a windows machine.

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    I use virtual center to deploy "clones" or "images" of Windows and Linux. It takes about 15-25 minutes and it's an easy way to speed up deployment of VMs.

    There are some 3rd party tools from vizioncore that help "manage" your ESX deployment, but nothing that has the effect of Cpanel or Plesk for ESX. (that I know of)

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    We already deploy base images by cloning and running NewSID.
    I was hoping there was an easier way or some automated solution like all these other control panels have. Oh well.

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    Virtual Center/vServer has the ability to deploy templates with customizations (basically syspreps it). See this post for some of the details:

    It works pretty well, though my one complaint was that it required a gateway for network interfaces. Sometimes I'd have a NIC with an internal, non-routed IP.

    Also, so you know, the only way to do VPS hosting with ESX is to join the VSPP program.
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