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    [OT] how to partition a linux disk for wpmu installation


    I am looking to purchase a dedicated server to host wpmu blogs. However I am not sure how to partition the server properly. Any advice is highly appreciated.

    Additional info: expected blogs 800+, each user will get 1GB space so thinking about 2x1TB in RAID1.Other config will be core2duo with 2GB RAM because even though the number of blogs are high we do not expect much traffic / user activity.

    Any ideas on hardware side is also appreciated.


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    Why don't go through existing dedicated server providers and ask them the same? There are not to many of them over there. So I suppose that would make the search easily and more active then just sitting here and waiting

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    Hi Sank1800,

    Welcome to WHT!

    You might be better off asking this in the technical sections of WHT. Good luck!
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