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    Question unscrollable bottom bar: How?

    When u sign into there is a floating bar that always stays at the bottom of the screen, even when you scroll up and down the page.

    How do you design something like this? I just want a bar that stays on the bottom of the screen even when you scroll up and down. So for example:

    Top Bar:Home Blog Events Contact


    Bottom bar: Links Forum

    So when a person scrolls the CONTENT, the TOP BAR and CONTENT will scroll, but the Bottom Bar will stay at the bottom of the screen.

    And how would you make the Bottom Bar use fluid width so it will increase/decrease it's width depending on the monitor's screen resolution?

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    Ok i found what i was looking for here:

    It's called a fixed footer. uses html/css. scroll up and down and it stays where it is.

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    Test that in all browsers once you've got it installed, there were problems with a lot of those after the IE6 - IE7 migration
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