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    foreigner in Korea needs web hosting english support

    I just came across this forum searching in yahoo.
    sorry I do not know much about computers and internet
    I am trying to make a phpbb forum mainly for my friends
    to communicate and share files (large files) and gallery too
    searched in hosting offers but could not find any company offering host in Korea. there are millions of hostings in korea but can't sign up with them . very complicated . Can't understand why I need to give them a copy of my passport and id cards to sign up for a simple hosting , on the other hand they do not have English support at all. this makes me crazy. tried to even call some of them but communication is a big issue. I am very frustrated please help me find one. they need to be in Seoul Korea as My files need to have fast download and upload within Korea.


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    The U.S. west coast (Los Angeles and Seattle) has very good connectivity to Asia and of course English based support.

    What's your budget in USD currency?
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    thanks I know there are so many of them but as I said I need it to be in south korea only in Seoul
    all my visitors are going to be in Korea and they exchange large files 1 gig or more
    I do not care about the hosting fees as long as they have good english support and control panels
    thanks any way

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    I think there is a law that requires the passport or id of users on the internet in Korea when registering on certain websites. If this is true, then every host in Korea will require you to provide a passport or id number.

  5. prolly the best what you can do is try to find a Anonymous Hosting in Malasia / Singapore where do you dont give any information and they still near you area.

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    The rules there are very serious as far as I can see. But why don't have a look at SG web hosting companies. They do have English support team. And that would be useful for you to look over their offers
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    have you thought of Japan?

    I know two companies here in Japan that have customer support in English,

    but I am not allowed to post link here.. just google them
    Crayon Web Solutions
    "Support and Serve"

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    US based companies do not require any thing special than basic contact details but I suggest you to study Korea's laws briefly about the project you are going to start.

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    Thank you every body for your response. I eventually found one

    Did not have any problem with passport or id just got a hosting . I called them on the phone. every body speaks English over there.

    Thanks a lot

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    US or Canada host will be fine. That is the heart of the Internet and you will have good connection speed for your web site worldwide

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiberForum View Post
    US or Canada host will be fine. That is the heart of the Internet and you will have good connection speed for your web site worldwide
    Yes, because most of world largest and finest hosts belong from USA and they have remarkable support system.

    I suggest you to try find out a company offering 30-days money back guarantee and obviously their support would be very good.

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    Question Why in Korea ?

    I donīt understand why donīt you use a US hosting company ?. Or you have to have a local support in Korea ?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyhermes View Post
    I donīt understand why donīt you use a US hosting company ?. Or you have to have a local support in Korea ?.
    IIRC a lot of Korea has fast connections (10/100M+) but mostly within country, bottlenecking as soon as it leaves the country.
    If they are going to exchange 1GB+ files constantly it's much better to keep it local

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    Isn't Korea's internet speed fast enough to have servers based in the US? Even if it may be 1GB.

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    I had a hosting in US downloading and specially uploading big files was slow for my Korean users. the biggest problem they had was users are basically in Korea and have to download and upload files I am fine with servers here.

    Thanks every body for your help

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