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    Is this overkill?

    I have a dedicated box in Chicago that I use for my business. I do video and some web design stuff on joomla. I have a dual xeon 2.66 with 4gb ram and 160GB hd 2.5tb of data. Right now I'm paying $90 a month for this server with Ubiquity but I'm only using it for 2 main sites and like 6 domains with less than 10hits a day. I have plesk and I like it, but I don't know if I'd be better off with a shared or reseller account somewhere else or a vps. What do you think? I know that if we grow and things go well in a year we may need this space but I don't know if I'm ready to keep paying $90/mth for this.



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    How much space and bandwidth are you using each month in total? Depending on this factor, you may be better off with a shared account. You can also upgrade to either a VPS or a dedicated when the time comes and you need more resources, but if your sites are relatively small and consume little resources, then it makes no sense to be paying that much for the dedi.

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    IMO, If you are using less than 25 GB of bandwidth a month, I would move over to a shared account. If you are using more than this and your sites use a lot of resources, I'd recommend going with a VPS.

    If your sites were receiving high-traffic then that server you are co locating would be great. If not, then you're wasting money.

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    I've only used 600mb so far this month lol.

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    I would say you probably only need a reseller at the most, maybe even a shared account with decent bandwidth and about 5gig space at the max...

    you are paying way over the odds for what you need

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    definitely overkill, you'd be fine on a shared host - but it looks like you have the money to invest so you might as well get a small VPS and save yourself $50-$60 depending on VPS server specs.

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    Majority of my customers are local to me is there anyway to find a vps or shared hosting provided close to here? 41101

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    where are you located?

    and you could go around the vps offers section and then see if any of them have servers close to you. But for hosting it really doesn't matter where the server is located because the ping won't be as noticeable on a website as it would be on a game server or a VoIP connection.

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    Ya, I use a lot of joomla cms and wanted to make sure load times are not noticeable I was using godaddy and it was horrid. Didn't want to make that mistake again. I want a really dependable host that I can grow with.


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    I don't know, a box like that for a mere $90 might be worth hanging onto for a while. At least if you plan on have things pick up a bit. If not then yeah, maybe a shared/reseller account would do well.

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