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    High Storage & Bandwidth Server

    Actually i need a shared hosting plan to host galleries of images.

    I need a large storage space and bandwidth as possible about $10/month, price month to month prefer (no contracts)

    What server required is PHP & URL FOPEN on as well as CURL.

    I store images on my private dedicated server, Terrabytes of them (yep alot). I need a server that actually download it and stash it on their server when someone requested and stream it to their browser instead of redirect them to my dedicated one. Basically the dedicated server is only a back up server.

    I need a shared server that actually fetch images and store in their server so it can be request again.

    Yep, just images hosting, no files hosting what so ever. Prefer Host that doesn't suspend me (like Lunarpage) for usage of high CPU >_> and month to month allow me to switch server without carrying stuff over (not necessary, since my script just re-download images from private server again if the new host doesn't have them already)

    Requirement 4 Share Hosting:
    PHP + URL Fopen + Curl Enabled - I don't care about the rest, never used them.
    Bandwidth: High as possible
    Storage: 250 GB + (more is good so my script doesn't delete old stuff to make space for new requested stuff)
    Speed Port: High as Possible is good too!
    Budget: $10 per month

    My Dedicated Private Server (Very nice):
    CPU: Unknown? They don't tell me since they said it far more than you need.
    Storage Space: Unlimited (litterally!, 5 TB files/images, never get deleted, they just tell me that as long as they don't get complains about infringement, they don't care how much I use)
    Bandwidth: Unlimited (yeah!!!)
    Speed Test: 100MB files in 10 seconds (yep 10 MB per second)
    Cost: $10 a month (cool aye)
    Script: None. Only datacenter, so no PHP, web script etc.

    The problem is i can't use my dedicated private server to stream image directly (if image get reported, i will get my private server suspended) and they don't sell more server (only limited stock apparently), oh it's a DATACENTER anywayz, so i can't use PHP script on it.

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    Somehow I will say it is going to be hard to find Bandwidth as Unlimited and space for $10.00 per month at 250GB.

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    you won't get anything reliable or anything without rules with those specs and budget - for that amount of space you need a good semi-dedicated/vps/dedicated server and I can assure you it won't cost $10/month.

    and it's kind of hard to believe your current host lets you use 5tb of storage for $10/month. that's a huge loss for any company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xantar View Post
    The problem is i can't use my dedicated private server to stream image directly (if image get reported, i will get my private server suspended)
    So you want to use a shared host so that they'll get all the complaints about your illegal content and (you hope) not suspend you. You want them to handle this, and give you 250GB storage that you actually plan to use, all for $10 a month...

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    It doesn't matter if they suspend me.. i just switch to another host month by month =] since all the stuff is stash in my dedicated server. All new server set up and gradually downloads the stuff again - it's not like i have to re-up everything again =]

    And yes. they only charge me $10/month for usage of 5TB of files on their server and still growing. Apparently they don't mind since this was a special deal. And no, i'm not disclosing their names =P, search google yourself ^_^, i had this for 2-3 years already

    VPS Hosting is @ $8 for, the best i can do is cache files and delete old one to make room for new ones. DMEHosting VPS is great, but too small of a storage space =/

    ViperVPS offer 100 GB @ about $10 as well, but they sux, their 99.9% uptime is ********

    Beside, it's not like it gonna be 250 GB right away, it grows overtime, i just don't feel like erasing old stuff to prevent huge bandwidth drains on my dedicate server (they actually mind how much bandwidth being used.. somewhere less than 30 TB to them is legitable) =]

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