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Thread: VPS experience

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    VPS experience


    I see many "Company Inc. sucks stay away" posts and I was wondering does anybody have previous experience or previous knowledge how to handle a server.

    My first VPS was, well a bit of a disaster, I have rushed into it, with no previous knowledge how to manage a VPS, I knew cPanel by heart.
    Changed provider because I wanted a VPS with more memory and managed support and I had a great time there (4 months) and changed it again for the same reason.
    But the support was great, for those two companies, don't want to advertise them now

    I'm not saying that everybody should have a knowledge of sysadmin, but let's see.

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    I've not personally had any problems with my VPS provider, and I had limited knowledge going into it, but I've learned a lot since signing up. I moved off of a dedicated server due to cost, onto a VPS instead. My dedicated server had cPanel on it. My VPS does fact, my VPS has no control panel at all! My provider also has detailed tutorials on setup and configuration that helps quite a bit. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've never had any problems with my VPS or the provider. Though to be honest, I had some experience with the command line prior to getting my VPS, so I'm sure that helped.

    I wouldn't say I'm knowledgeable enough to be a sysadmin yet, but I do think having a good understanding of a barebones server goes a long way..
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