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    Server Management for one server?


    I am after a VPS or Dedicated server (running Windows) however the place I want to get from provides unmanaged support.

    The server or VPS is for our one website which is growing. We can set up IIS etc however have no idea of server security and how to sort things should they go wrong.

    Is there any company out there who can provide support for one server fairly cheaply as they all seem for a big dedicated server running hundreds of clients!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Most companies provides services for specific charges depending on the number of domains and support requests.

    You should probably try contacting some companies stating your requirements to give you quotes for the services offered.
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    Thanks, does anyone know of any companies who will manage just one server hosting just one domain?

  4. what is your budget? and your location?

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    As long as you have a server there are many compaines who can manage your server even if you have just one domain. You need to check the WHT wiki section.
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