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    Why Some People Can Access and Others Can't

    I switched to a dedicated server earlier this week. Everything transferred over and everything seemed to have propogate thruout the internet for me.

    However, there are MANY users that cannot access my sites. Some can't access when they just type in but then they can when they do Then others can't access at all!

    It's been a week now and propogation stuff shouldn't take more than 48 hours.

    What would you guys suggest? My hosting provider said that in order to investigate further they need reports from at least 2 other people that can't access the site. Instead of doing this, I figured I would ask the WHT community if they can think of any reasons why this would be happening. Maybe it's an easy fix.
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    Sounds very strange, I would ask people to Ping and trace route domains then supply the results so you can narrow down the problem.

    The www and no www normally would mean server configuration in my mind but at the same time that would effect everyone not just a group of people.

    Also sounds like DNS but 1 week is long enough for that as well.

    You made sure firewalls and similar things such as hosts.deny have not added legit people?

    You could post domain for us to check if you don't mind?
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    Closed by request.

    Do you have a WHT question or concern? Please open a helpdesk ticket.

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