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    Question How do I do auto backups using SSH?

    Hello everyone,

    I have a server with Virpus and another company, and I want to transfer all backups (nightly) to another backup server I have. I have set it up in WHM using FTP but, for some reason it just won't work.

    I was hoping one of you could tell me how I go about setting up these backups using SSH so that they will automatically upload all backups of every account from server1, to server2?

    A link to a tutorial would also do.

    Thanks in advance!

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    google rsync - a lot of the production deployments uses this for onsite and offsite backup

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    use rync -ave ssh local path /remote path/

    This will make it more faster

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    It's worth making sure you've set up SSH key-based authentication too, to ensure that passwords don't need to be entered when performing the backups.

    In addition, it's also worth considering whether you should jail your receiving account, and/or use a shell that only permits things such as scp and rsync. rsh and scponly are shells that I can recommend.

    I don't think I've ever seen a tutorial covering the above two points, along with how to do simple rsyncs over SSH, so bear these in mind.
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    1. SSH key based authentication needs to be set between the servers.
    2. write a script to do the rsync like,

    rsync -avz -e ssh /local/backup/folder/ [email protected]:/remote/backup/folder/

    3. Add the script to a cron with specific intervals.

    Hope this would help ..


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    1)From destination to source server make ssh password less I mean key based.

    2)Run a rsync from destination to get files from source.

    3)Set it as cron every night according to your server load.

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    Using the rsync would be faster process if you have large files,

    rsync -av -e ssh [email protected]:/home/old_home/ /home/new_home/
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