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    Smile hwVPS - 2 month review

    I was a former customer of Advantagecom back in 2002/2003. A couple of months ago, I decided to check back and saw they were offering a new VPS product. I especially liked the RAID storage, and the choices of operating systems. They gave me the impression that much time and thought was put into configuring the VPS for redundancy, and maximum uptime.

    I decided to get the starter VPS, with FreeBSD. There was a five day wait, per the terms of the website, since I was the first to request FreeBSD. They did complete my order in the time advertised.

    A few weeks later, when I was satisfied with the way it worked, I upgraded to the Standard VPS product. I'm now hosting just about all of my sites on it. I use a monitoring service, and AdvantageCom has not had an incident where the site went down that was their fault. The only downtime I've had is when an application I've configured got messed up. The VPS node and network have been 100% for me so far.

    Their support has been great. I've never actually called on the phone, but everything has been done through email.

    The only thing I've noticed is that compared to some other VPS systems I have / have had in the past, sustained data transfers here are slower than the others. However, this is probably because I'm on the opposite end of the US (East Coast, New England). Some days I push 800-900KBytes/sec, other times its as low as 100KBytes/sec. I realize some things like network speed are out of a provider's control. Still, I get a respectable 500-600KBytes/sec most of the time, and as I said above, there has never been a dropped packet from the monitoring service I use.

    My overall impression of Advantagecom is that they are a small company that wants to take care of their customers, and have a great new VPS product. While I'm sure there are others using Xen and some of the things they are doing, they've taken the time to go into detail on their website showing the hardware they have used. It made me feel comfortable that the design issues for the hardware had been thought out, and that it would be a reliable platform.

    I've very happy so far.

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    Thanks for the detailed review and glad to hear things are going well. Be sure to keep us updated in the future
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    Always great to see the positive reviews. Thanks for sharing the review with all the community.
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    Great to hear. An honest, well-developed review!

    Thanks for sharing.

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    I wish we had the same experience

    I was with Advantagecom Networks for about 2-1/2 years and in that time we experienced lots of periods of random downtime. From what seemed like network maintenance to even my VM being rebooted because of "issues". 2-1/2 years into service I received a notice that my VM had load spikes and they demanded root access to the VM within 24 hours or would shut down my VM. Any administrator knows that this is normal and that servers spike and go idle during different traffic periods. So basically it was just a B.S. excuse to gain access to my server. I of course did not concede to their demands and moved my services to another host. If I had been out of town, I would have come back to my server being offline and all my websites down. When I asked for a refund because of the change of terms of service I was basically told to go #hell. This is a small company and they act like it. So save your time and money and go to a real hosting provider that will not violate your privacy rights. Amazon, Linode, DigitalOcean are just a few good ones, depending on your needs.

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    Always a pleasure to read a happy review! Keep us posted

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    The account that is mentioned in aegeatech's review was an Economy hwVPS plan, available at $60/year. This particular plan is offered at a low price because it serves as a testing ground for new hardware and software technology and is clearly marketed as such. This means there aren't any service guarantees and if a customer needs guaranteed uptime, we strongly recommend that they purchase one of our higher end plans that includes this. Even so, we do not agree with their assessment of "lots of periods of random downtime." Our records show that aegeatech complained once about a node reboot and that's all.

    The load spike that caught our technical staff's attention was not normal. It was an extended period of high CPU usage. That is why we contacted the customer about it. When we discover issues such as these, it is urgent we are able to deal with them in a timely manner since they often involve nefarious activities such as spam attacks, botnets, and DOS/DDOS attacks, to name just a few. We are not there to critique the contents of the VPS; we are there simply to prevent issues that affect service for our other customers and other issues that we are required to address as required by law.

    It shouldn't have come as a surprise that we required SSH access to their VPS as it was clearly stated in the initial VPS setup email the customer received. We have other ways to access the interior of a customer's VPS, but SSH access is by far the simplest. Like I mentioned above, we are not interested in the contents of a customer's VPS, only in preventing issues that can cause outages for other customers on our network.

    We've been polite and professional with aegeatech at all times, including when explaining our refund policy. At no time were they told to go #anywhere. Our policies state that refunds are not given for e-hwVPS accounts outside the 90 day money back guarantee window for any reason. Since their account was cancelled well outside the 90 day window, no refund was available. We made options available to keep their account active, but they chose to cancel any way and forgo the remaining service available.

    It is definitely not a secret that we are a small company. We don't hide it. In fact, the majority of our customers have chosen to work with us because they value the benefits of working with a small company. They value the fact that our staff are stable, long term employees that get to know each individual customer.

    We wish you the best of luck with your hosting endeavors.
    Kind regards,
    Amy Kinney

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