Hello everyone,

I am here to offer you our latest service, manual directory and search engine submission!

Manual Directory Submission
With our manual directory submission service, we will submit your link to the number of directories that you request. All submissions are done manually to ensure that your links are submitted to the correct categories, that the information submitted is correct, and to protect your link from being banned in Google for any "black hat" SEO tactics.

After we have finished your directory submission campaign, we will generate a report which will show you which directores we submitted your link to, the Google PR of each directory, and what type of directory it was.
Click here to see a demo directory submission report.

We have designed a couple of different packages for you to choose from. Here are the different options you have:

50 Directories: $10
100 Directories: $18
250 Directories: $40
500 Directories: $65 (Includes free search engine submission to 125 SE's!)
Order Now

We try to get all submissions done as quickly as possible but, we also must take the time to be sure that each submission is done correctly. We do all submissions in the order in which they were received. Here is a breakdown of the "estimated" time that it will take to complete your order once we have started your submissions:

50 Directories: 1 - 2 Hours
100 Directories: 2 - 4 Hours
250 Directories: 8 - 12 Hours
500 Directories: 24 - 48 hours

Word of warning
When you order, please be sure to enter an email address in the "Email for confirmations" field that you don't mind receiving a little spam in. After the submissions have been confirmed, the different directories might try to send you advertisements. We do not enroll you in any newsletters but, they will still send some spam, I'm sure!

If you have any questions about our directory submission service, please feel free to contact us at anytime!

Thanks for looking!