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    Question preven them to see the contents of your directory

    hello i have a problem does anyone know a script or knows any tricks that will prevent users or visitors from seeing the contents of my directory this is the example of site which visitors can see its contents that would allow anyone and everyone to see the contents of that folder and it might steal your files or edit some files so its not completely secure, does anyone knows how to prevent it? i dont want to put a password or password protect that directory since i have links that points there.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    You may use .htaccess

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    yea, use a .htaccess file with any of the following options ->

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    the easiest and most fool-proof way would be to just create a file named "index.html" in that folder.
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    Personally, I do the same way like ramnet said. Just make a blank "index.html" in the directory.

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    I agree with the last two. Just dump a blank index.html file in there. Simple, and you don't have to mess with the htaccess file.

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    I'd dump Bluehost for having 147 hosts on your IP with stupid defaults.

    A blank index.html is a very effective band-aid but what other poorly configured defaults are lurking?
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    Or you can use Index manager facility from CPanel(if you are using it) to do it visually.
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