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    Premium cPanel hosting.

    I'm helping my father pick a new host for his domain and am looking for suggestions.

    The domain is used primarily for e-mail for him and some family members and I think he has a couple of static (html only) web pages and my sister's blog as well. The requirements, as such, are very basic -

    - Must be cPanel for ease of transferring over from current host.
    - Must offer free site/account transfer.
    - 1 or 2GB disk space (current use is 250MB)
    - Bandwidth is not an issue. Going back several years, he has never used more than 1GB per month.
    - Unlimited e-mail addresses
    - Fast, responsive, knowledgeable support. Waiting any more than 30mins/1 hour for a decent response is not acceptable.
    - true 99.9% uptime. I would actually probably inquire as to seeing uptime reports for the server his domain would be put on. This is a key factor.

    Budget - ~$15/month. $20 is do-able, but I'd like to find something for a little less if I can, "in these tough economic times" (lol). I've tried to convince him that he can get what he needs for under $10/month but dad's 'old school' and really buys in to the whole 'you get what you pay for' thing.

    I've been reading here, google and a couple of decent review sites and have come up with the following options -

    - Downtown Host
    - Axis Host
    - Liquidweb

    I like Downtown Host based on reviews and reputation, but there's absolutely no need for the 10GB of disk space they are offering. That's a nice feature, but there's not a snowball's chance in hell he's going to come close to using it, so it's kind of difficult justifying having to pay for it.

    If you have any input on the 3 hosts I've mentioned or maybe some other names to take a look at, I would appreciate it.

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    Hello Dave

    Our smallest package (Blog) have 2 GB of space
    Shared Web Hosting - Reseller Hosting - Semi-Dedicated Servers - SolusVM/XEN VPS
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    You should increase your budget a little bit. Around 30 USD, you can easily find plan with pretty good features from a reputable, stable and quality host that will fulfill your quality needs.

    Review advertisement section briefly to find such a company.

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    I have never had hosting with any of the hosting providers, However, Jedito is quite active here and is always very pleasent and knows a thing or two that we don't - I never said that.

    Overall If I had to make a choice I would choose DownTown Host if they were the only options you had.

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    $15/month for 2gb of space is a great budget. and Downtown host has great reviews here, you're free to give them a try. and you shouldn't have a problem finding another provider if it comes down to it with that budget.

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    Never heard of Downtown Host or Axis Host, however I am certain there are positive reviews of Liquidweb here on WHT.

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    Your budget is high enough and your requirements are low.
    You can almost choose any company you want.
    Try their response time by opening a ticket, before making your final decision.

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    I have decided to go with Downtown Host. Thanks all for the input, mods you may close this thread if you wish.



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    Quote Originally Posted by db09 View Post
    I have decided to go with Downtown Host. Thanks all for the input, mods you may close this thread if you wish.


    Good luck with Downtown Host, they seem to have a good company. Please let us all know how it did work for you in a few months from now, i am sure DTH and others looking for a host appreciate your feedback.

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