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    need help to check my vps allowed memory

    hello wht techs

    i have see by putty software that my vps memory is ( Mem: 1572864k total )

    what is that mean i think the memory is low than 768 MB is that right? i need your help because i don't know the real resources of my vps


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    You have a total of about 1.5GB Ram, what are you confused at? =\

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    The free command will also tell you about your memory on your VPS.
    # man free

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    if you want that in megabytes instead of kilobytes just run "free -m"
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    That actually shows the guaranteed + burst memory. If you signed up with 768MB guaranteed memory and burst is 1.5GB, your total memory will show as 1.5GB. It doesn't mean you have the full 1.5GB, which is tricky with openvz. Can you post the results of this command:

    cat /proc/user_beancounters
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    Please check this link.
    You can covert Byte, Kb etc... It will give you exact idea how much RAM are yo using?

    Also, you should look at the package you have purchased.
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