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    Download Mirror Script

    Hi guys,

    I'm not sure if this is the right section, but I'm looking for a download mirror script. I'll describe the ideal script below, you tell me if it exists or if there's something similar :p

    Right, ok so I'd like to be able to give the software the IP / Password / Ports of each server. Say I put in the master one, then I add another server I want to add to the mirror system and then it copies all of the files over to the new server. I'd also like the ability to monitor how much bandwidth each mirror is using and disable individual servers as and when I need to.

    Is there a script out there that does this or similar? Or how much is it going to burn me to get something like this made?

    Many thanks,
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    Is this some thin like you need ,

    you have a master serer having ip , ssh port 22 , password , etc,. and your softwares are under /home/mirror/public_html
    Now you need a control panel to add new servers , copy these contents to new servers over ssh and monitor bandwidth graphs right .
    Also you need to disable those remote server who using more bandwidth ?
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    i have a mirror script for sale if your interested?

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