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    Is there ftp that can help upload changed files only ?

    Is there ftp client software that can help upload changed files only ?

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    filezilla does it..

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    How i am able to do this with filezilla ? I have no idea i already have filezilla .. !

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    Consider looking into source version control software, such as SVN or CVS. The setup takes some time, but it will save you in the long run.

    Most source control software is, or can be, integrated into an IDE or into your file system, making updating as easy as right-clicking.
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    Agreed. I use straight-ahead CVS as a matter of preference. Eclipse has a good CVS module that lets you do all the basic functions...checkout, update, commit, diff, etc.

    Short of that, I'd start by sorting the files on your client machine by modification date!

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    My vote goes to filezilla.
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