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    modify the max users online ?


    my server is centos with cpanel,

    the server load is about 0.* ~ 1.*,

    and the ram use not more than 1G (my total is 2G)
    the ftp/cpanel/whm...all work well,

    but the httpd will fail sometime,

    i wonder if there are too the max users on line setting is too low ?

    is anyway to check why it is?


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    If I were in your place, I would go to WHM and look at "Apache Status" page. This page will give you an idea of the usage. If "." or open slots are not available, then I would go and increase the "ServerLimit" and "MaxClients" values to my satisfaction. Please keep in mind the changes will effect the server's RAM usage and performance.

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    What are the current values being set for MaxClients and ServerLimit . You can see this in the file /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf . See if there is anything shown under apache logs

    tail -f /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log

    Also paste the result of below two commands

    [email protected] [~]# netstat -plan | grep :80 | wc -l
    [email protected] [~]# ipcs - the name says it all!
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    MaxClients are the total number of concurrent connections. This should be set to a reasonable value. I suggest using this formula to determine the right value for your server.

    MaxClients = 150 x RAM (GB)

    So for 2 GB of RAM set this value to 300.

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    There is no reason for you to set it any higher unless you have a specific problem with this value. A high value can lead to a complete server hang in case of a DOS attack. A value too low can create timeout problems for your clients if the limit is reached.

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    Drop your KeepAliveTimeout value to something more reasonable than the 15 second default value. Generally, a value of 3-5 is a good start. Most of the time, this is plenty for a client to make a sub request under the same connection without the process hogging system resources while it is doing nothing.

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    could you paste your httpd configuration settings here?
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