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    generate htm page using php?

    is it possible to use a php script to: use an htm page as a template, take the text from a textarea form and insert it at a specific place into the htm page,saving the new formed custom page as another htm page?
    what script could i use?

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    are you looking for some sort of template engine like smarty?

    If I understand you correctly, you easily do this using search and replace functions in PHP.

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    Yea, a simple search and replace would work like this:

    my_template.htm - simple example
    HTML Code:
       Hello, my name is %name% and i am %age% years old!
    and you would process the above html file like this in PHP

    index.php - simple example
    PHP Code:

    // load the contents of template file
    $html file_get_contents('my_template.htm');

    // search for the following
    $search = array('%title%''%name%''%age%');

    // replace it with the following
    $replace = array('Personel Page''Latheesan'21);

    // do the actual search & replace

    // print the page
    echo $html;


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