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    Question How to make a flash intro?

    i have a swf movie and want to insert it into my site,like this:when someone enters the site,the first thing they see is the swf video which runs automatically with no preloader(it's just 8sec.s and 400kb). the movie should be placed on a white background which fades after the movie ends showing my index.htm page...
    is that possible?
    like i'm a noob in flash (too...) so bare with me...does anyone know how to do that?a link to a tutorial,a quick explanation or something?

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    If you have the .sfw, simply embed that into a file called index.html. If you can get me the name of the swf, I can throw together something for you real quick.


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    Just embed the file in html file.

    See tutorial
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    did you already try some Flash makers??


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