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    Thumbs up Review of 6sync after 1.5 months

    I've been with 6sync for almost 2 months now and so I'll share my experiences thus far.

    My websites were clearly beginning to struggle with the shared hosting service that I was on, so I thought it was time to move on to a VPS. While I do have some basic linux experience, managing a VPS was something new to me so it was important that I find a managed VPS service provider. But I wasn't too keen on getting a managed VPS with DirectAdmin/Cpanel/Plesk because I was sure I wouldn't be offering any hosting services from my VPS, and didn't want the VPS resources to be consumed in such an unnecessary manner.

    I read about 6sync in the WHT offers forum and got in touch with Rav over an online chat at their website. I wasn't sure about what the responsiveness and speed would be like, but Rav set up a Drupal instance for me to try out. I was sold and signed up right away. My VPS was set up quickly, and I was pleased to see LAMP, Xcache (including the admin interface), phpMyAdmin and Webmin all set up very nicely with different and secure passwords.

    Over the past ~2 months, my experience with 6sync has been stellar. First, my VPS has had NO DOWNTIME whatsoever except for the time I'd requested for it to be moved from their Chicago datacenter to their Los Angeles one. I have submitted a few tickets (for assistance on LAMP and mail configuration - I'd have been completely at a loss without their help!) and each time they responded very quickly and politely. They definitely more than meet their guaranteed 8-hour response time and 24-hour resolution time! Kudos to the 6sync team!

    In all, I'd HIGHLY recommend 6sync if you are looking for a managed Xen VPS service provider.

    p.s. I have just submitted my domain to moderator for verification.

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    Sounds like a good provider, you won't find many out there that offer a truly managed service without a control panel such as cPanel or Direct Admin. Most rely on the ease of the interface to make their job faster/cheaper
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    good review, thanks. I'll check and try their services in future.

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    Hi syaman, thank you for you detailed review. I am very pleased you have enjoyed our service and I hope it remains that way going forward!
    Exceptional VPS Hosting. With love, 6sync.

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    Haven't gotten around to test driving their VPS yet but the couple of discussions I've had with them left me impressed. Hopefully they keep up the good work and establish themselves as a long term player.

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    I also have had a very similar experience with Rav and his team over at 6sync.

    I knew that I was in good hands, when I was trying to decide what level to go with and Rav actually talked me DOWN from buying a bigger VPS then I needed, and assured me that if I needed the bigger memory and horsepower it was there for the asking, and he would honor the special I was given at signup.

    When I finally signed up in early July and start the transfer it was so smooth I had zero downtime from my old VPS. I did not even have to notify the clients on the server of the move (I did anyway).

    I ran into a early problem with some dirty IP addresses (NOT 6sync's fault), but Rav was very on top of it, and got me a new stack of IP addresses in less then 24 hours, and reconfigured my new live server all with zero downtime and zero hassle from me. Since then, I have had no issues at all, and the entire support team has gone well above and beyond to help me make sure all is good.

    Thank you Rav, Mike, and everyone over at 6sync. Glad to be on board for a long time!

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