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    Need a website developer/designer?

    toetriss development group

    If you need talanted web developers/designers you have reached the right person on this forum.

    We are a group of developers and designers, that are able to build you anything using PHP, MySQL, Design, Javascript, C++ to a very affordable price.

    Our last project was a larg SMS/Ringtone/Mobile logo provider service.

    Today we work on the website for our new service, webhosting. You can see our dev page at (User: guest / Pass: guest).

    Contact us for a free price plan for your project.
    [email protected]

    (OBS! Our own website are offline for upgrading right now, we are sorry for any inconvenience that may caused you -
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    When I logged in it says "website is offline".
    Todd Goldberg
    AIM: FourNmedia

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    tzdesigner wrote:

    When I logged in it says "website is offline".

    Todd Goldberg (V 2.0 In Design)[email protected]


    What adress are you using then? And what website are you trying to access?

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    Sorry, my bad.

    Try the adress now.

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