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    BananaBit Technology - Review

    I'll update this as my experience continues.

    Pre/Initial Sales Experience
    In searching for a new provider again, my preference is usually for something on the west coast. Having come across BananaBit's ad in the Dedicated Offers forum. While I was initially a little turned off by some of the replies, the benefit of the doubt goes to them though as they are a new company to the scene. My price range usually falls in the 'bargain basement' category, simply because I'd rather have 3 or 4 dedicated servers with different providers in different places instead of spending 150-300 a month for one box in one place. While their website showed a slightly different configuration for a little bit more then what was in the ad, BananaBit's $55/month server's fit nicely into my pricing preference.

    My initial sales inquiry was on a Friday night around midnight, and much to my surprise I got a response back within about an hour. Jarrett continued to promptly reply through out the night and into the day as I clarified any questions I had. I placed my order at 4:16am on Saturday morning, knowing full well it is the weekend, and their provisioning time frame was 1 to 72 hours.

    A little bit of digging shows BananaBit has two legitimately assigned IP blocks, underneath Bandcon. In conversation with Jarrett I was told that they use Extreme Networks hardware and they are setup with 24/7 support utilizing technicians from around the world. Remote reboot ports and customer accessible MRTG graphs are in the works.

    Their website is probably the only neutral/negative point I can find in my pre/initial sales experience. While their main home pages feels nice and looks good, everything else is simply an article contained in the knowledge base of the customer/billing portal(WHMCS). Again, the benefit of the doubt goes to BananaBit here as they are a new company. Hopefully, a little more attention will go into further developing their website.

    More to come as the process continues.

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    Thanks for the review, Keep us posted

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    Thanks for the review! It really help to see what customers want!

    Looking forward to the update!

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    Always great to read the positive reveiw. Thanks for sharing with the all community.
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    6 Month Update

    Update: Just shy of the 6 month mark.

    Perfect service! I have not had to contact support even once. The network is rock solid with the only downtime I noticed of a minute. They have added MRTG for customers and the website has improved dramatically. I don't think I could ASK for a better experience so far.

    Mod note: Wasn't sure if it was proper to post the update in thread, or create a new. I apologize in advance if I am in error.

  6. Thanks for the feedback! Happy to have you as a customer.

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