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    Are these compatible?

    I'm just wondering if this processor is compatible with this motherboard I have. Hopefully someone can Help me out please.

    Here is the motherboard:

    And the Processor:

    If they're not compatible, what should I be looking for?

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    Yes this motherboard and processor combination should be compatible.

    The motherboard specifications say Phenom II but not with a power rating above 95W. The Processor you have indicated has a power rating of 80W so there should be no problem.


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    Yes, they are compatible.

    The new AMD 785G chipset has had some great reviews - you might want to consider a motherboard like,2381.html <- an example of a comparision there.

    If you aren't going to be getting a separate discreet graphics card, the 785G graphics seem considerably better than the 8200.

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    it'll work fine. You mighjt want to use a better hardware site than toms though
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    According to the CPU support list they are compatible.

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