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    UK Based ISP Business For Sale

    Hi All,
    Welcome to my thread for the sale of my business, This business has been growing for a few weeks under a year now, The business has been generating me a genuine income for almost 75% of it's life, I would like the business to go to somebody with the passion for the business that i have had.

    I'm in no major rush to sell so i won't be knocked down to rock bottom but the BIN price is negotiable as this isn't about the money.

    I've been approached with a once in a lifetime offer of my dream job and so regrettably I've decided to let go of my business, I've worked hard over the past year to build this into what it is.

    The company has an "Overall" good reputation within the community, And i don't want to see it fail in the near future.

    The company is primarily UK Based, With most currencies being received in (GBP)

    Down to Statistics, WHMCS Income Report

    Monthly: 1453.60 GBP (241)
    Quarterly: 924.39 GBP (63)
    Semi-Annually: 145.82 GBP (2)
    Annually: 299.09 GBP (13)
    Biennially: 100.00 GBP (2)
    Est. Annual: 21781.49 GBP

    There is roughly 11,500 Per Year Profit (GBP) This has huge growth potential, As at present we Colocate 7 Servers at BlueSquare House, If you have the resources or are willing to invest the resources to have these moved to a private rack you will be able to grow this income further.

    Included in the sale is the hardware currently in collocation, This consists of:
    2x DELL SC1425
    Dual Processor 2.8Ghz
    8GB RAM
    2x 250GB SATA Hard disk

    1x DELL SC1435
    Dual core AMD Opteron 2.0Ghz
    8GB RAM
    500GB STA Hard disk

    4x HP Proliant DL360
    Dual Processor 2.8Ghz
    4GB RAM
    2x 73GB 15K SCSI Hard disks

    One of the HP Proliant Systems are a Dedicated Server customer, With income of roughly 95/per Month (Before cost).

    and We have the following servers on Lease (Dedicated)

    IP House Lease
    Q6600 2.4Ghz Processor
    8GB RAM
    500GB Hard disk
    97.50 ea Inc VAT

    Quadcore 2.3Ghz
    8GB RAM
    2x 250GB Hard disks
    134 Euros Inc Tax

    Quadcore 2.4Ghz
    8GB RAM
    2x 500GB Hard disks
    200 Euros Inc Tax

    Dual Quad 2.6Ghz
    16GB RAM
    2x 1000GB SATA Harddisk
    175 Euros Inc Tax

    UK Shared

    Kent Racksrv
    Pentium D 2.5
    4GB RAM
    250GB SATA Harddisk

    52.00 Inc VAT

    Primarily all servers are Linux (CentOS) Based, And running various VPS Control Panels, These were planned to be consolidated. We have a Range of Virtuozzo, vePortal & VDS Manager on the servers.

    We have 1 XEN VPS Node
    2 Virtuozzo
    7 OpenVZ

    We get roughly 10 Tickets daily, so support isn't "Too" hard to keep up with.
    We get around 5 new signups daily, primarily from special offers etc however it keeps a steady income and the company remains in an almost 50:50 Cost: Profit Ratio, Additions to those orders brings in alot of additional profit. For August alone we have taken 84x New orders.

    There is abit of organising work to be done, All income and finances are up to date and kept organised however there are a few issues as far as who's where, At the moment im primarily going by the users IP or Trace route to find the server each user is located on, I have bought & installed a second WHMCS and migrated all users over, However im ve yet to start manually adding each service into the second WHMCS Install, (This was planned for organisation).

    What you get
    - 100% Sole ownership of my Business
    - 7x Colocated Servers (Inc Hardware & COLO Plan)
    - 7x Dedicated Server Leases (Monthly Paid)
    - Website Design
    - All Software / Licenses etc
    - Domain name(s)

    I'm also willing to assist in the transfer free of charge for upto 2 weeks (Until i leave).

    I'm looking for around 14,000 GBP as a Buy Out price, otherwise, Im willing to accept offers starting at 9,000, Payable via PayPal (Deposit) & Remainder via Bank Transfer.

    The buyer doesn't need to be UK Based, A receipt will be issued for proof of purchase and proof of new ownership for the hardware, I will also transfer all accounts, licenses associated with the sale.

    You can contact me via MSN: warriorminx [at]

    Please no timewasters, i'm not willing to partnership, hire anybody to run my company in my absense or a merger, this is for the entire company ONLY. Please no silly offers this means allot and id like it to go to a company with the collateral to continue running it at its current capacity.

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    Is this an Internet Service Provider for sale? Or a UK Based Web Hosting company for sale?

    The title is misleading...
    Not sure what to put here :-P

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    Sorry a UK Based web hosting company.

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    Why have you bought a 2nd WHMSC?

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    UK - Scotland
    basing by your adverts (spec and prices) and the servers you actually have, is it fair to say your clientbase is drastically "oversold" ?

    Do you have a full breakdown of clients vs servers + costs? If so please PM an NDA or further details

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    Please email acquisitions [at] listing each server, what it's running etc - as the number dont seem to add-up - you have

    1 XEN VPS Node
    2 Virtuozzo
    7 OpenVZ
    =10 VPS "host servers"

    but you have 13 boxes (6 colo and 7 rented machines) ...
    +1 rented out to a client

    Why do you need a 2nd WHMCS ?

    Who are the
    IP House Lease
    rented from, what are the contract terms ( for notice ) ?

    for each machine please provide the disk *usage* and transfer used from July

    For August alone we have taken 84x New orders.
    So ~30% of the clientbase have been with you less than 2 weeks ?

    Can you provide the month-on-month figures from WHMCS please ?
    Rob Golding Astutium Ltd - UK based ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar - proud to accept BitCoins
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    Well looking at that thread posted by turifungia, and the post by the OP, something must be a miss :

    Windows 2003 Standard
    1 Core Allocated

    From the thread above (
    Thats cheap!
    NetEarth One
    ICANN Accredited Registrar,
    SSLReseller - WHMCS SSL module now released into BETA
    Full UK support, 7 days a week 365 days a year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by turifungia View Post
    This is why you have not refund me?
    I've asked for the request to be made via the client area / cancellation if this was done as requested there wouldn't be a issue and one would of been processed.

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    I've done the cancelation, and it seems that all my vps servers are down right now, as i asked.
    But when will i receive the refund on my paypal?

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    sold to suhailc

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    Now who is going to refund my money???

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    you said not sold but now it was sold. argh... refund my money

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