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    Question Need linux server admin to protect server - server under DDos attack


    One of our big adult site is under attack since 6 weeks.
    At the beginning we could handle with DDOs software.
    Now attacks are very massive - we changed the server and we are still under attack.
    Maybe there is a bad script on server which helps to attack the server.

    Hope someone good linux server admin can help us with this.

    Dedicated Server is with CentOS/cPanel - root access

    Pls. make your offers for this.


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    Thanks for the replies!
    We tried all software against DDos attacks, but nothing helps.

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    Many DDoS attacks require a combination of network and software level protection.

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    1 problem that helps the attack is the amount of broadband lines the server has. How many do you have? 1, 2, 3 or more? If you have only 1 or 2 lines, ask to have more connected, that should broaden the connections and slow down the attacker.

    As well as that, you should get a data manager. Generally, an attacker WONT change their IP (in they are amature). If you get a data download manager, You can specify a certain amount of data download per IP in set amount of time.

    For example: You set a 100 MB download in 24 hours. If an IP goes over the limit, you can Ban the IP for any amount of time, letting the servers 'catch up' or reboot.

    That is 1 of the methods we have used before and has worked on few occations.
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    Buy a cisco PIX hardware firewall or similar.... that will help a LOT

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    If you are still currently under attack contact me at

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    If you are still under attack we can loan you a RioRey appliance. We have had good results resolving this type of problem in similar situations. Once the site is known to be protected, you get less of this type of attack. Let me know if we can help.

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