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    Lightbulb Need unmetered dedicated server with DDos Protection


    We want to change with one of our big adult video sharing site to another server company.
    There is a massive attack on the site (Apache) at the moment and Apache goes down every 2 minutes. We can't handle via DDos Software and Apache Patches anymore.

    At the moment we are at FDC Server with this configuration

    Dual xeon 5410 (2x quad core CPU)
    16GB RAM
    2x750GB HDD
    60Mbps dedicated unmetered bandwidth on 1Gbps port
    20 IPs

    At the moment we pay $350/month for the server. - Monthly contract.

    Hope someone can make us a better or similar offer incl. DDos protection.

    US location would be great - or Netherlands,Hungary or Romania.

    Looking forward your offer.


    Best regards
    Michael Meyer

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    Are you looking to stay in that price range? Thats an excellent deal and there isn't alot of companies out there who can provide effective ddos mitigation and provide a deal like that. Be prepared to pay more...or you might want to check if your current provider would be willing to let you rent a hardware firewall.

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    The system you have is a phenomenal deal, I would expect at least $500+ for a similar system + $100-$150 for h/w firewall.

    I second the idea of checking with your current provider for a h/w firewall addon.

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    HW firewall will not even save you from ddos.

    You need to look for a provider that do specialized this.
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    lol . How can you say like that. Hardware Firewall the good one will save you from DDos. And also DDos can be of different types as well

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    Net is pretty much right.

    You need a company that specializes in DDoS protection.

    Small Cisco ASAs can only provide so much protection, and it can bee very hard to detect a DDoS attack (depending on the type).

    Syn flood attacks are much easier to pick out than any other kind, but what if someone grabs 20,000 remote machines and sends out hundreds of HTTP requests per?

    That's not going to help you much.

    You may also want to look into some sort of load balanced solution if you're getting frequent attacks so a single server isn't getting slammed with the load.
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    It will be difficult to find a server like that for any cheaper than $350 per month. Does your current server provider offer DDOS protection?

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    Thanks for your replies!
    No, FDC Server do not provide any DDos protection.
    We try to make a deal with them - but they don't offer Firewall or something like this.

    Maybe good linux admin could fix this issue?

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    Try wiredtree, liquidweb, softlayer, netdepot 10 mbps unmetered

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    You need some network level protection, so you'll probably have to move from FDC. Expect to pay much more than you are currently paying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by woonapservers View Post
    Thanks for your replies!
    No, FDC Server do not provide any DDos protection.
    We try to make a deal with them - but they don't offer Firewall or something like this.

    Maybe good linux admin could fix this issue?
    That depends entirely on the size and type of the attack. How many BPS and PPS are the attacks you're getting, and what protocol/ports are being hit?

    A good linux admin can only fix the issue if the attack is very small. A hardware firewall can only fix the issue if the attack is very simple and not that large. Only a real DDoS mitigation provider will work against large or complex attacks.

    Unfortunately, a lot of pretenders have jumped into the market the last year or two, so be very careful when selecting a provider.
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    Maybe you can move your server from FDC to Sharktech ( ). Sharktech uses the FDC chicago datacenter and offer DDoS protection. Probably you will only need to change the IPs and physically move the server on another part of the datacenter.

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    You can contact the company's below for more information about their Ddos protection.

    There are more company's.
    goodluck with your choice

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    Nobody mentioned about Rackspace? If I am not wrong, they do provide service as the OP requested. Not sure if they allow Adult Materials or not.

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    That is a very hard price point to meet pretty much anywhere. Your hardware alone is going to keep that price up high, then depending on your level of DDoS, you're going to see your numbers significantly jump.

    We often see customers who come in with huge hardware requirements because they have been under attack for so long that they have grown accustomed to oversized servers. If you get true DDoS mitigation, you may see that you don't need as much power.
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