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    hello,new member

    I'm niktoe from Indonesia
    i'm a new member here. and want to learn so much about web tech and hosting,and also web business

    thank u

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    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    Greetings and welcome to WHT!

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    hi nik wats up im new 2 n am glad 2 to have a new wht

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    Toronto, Canada
    Welcome to WHT See you around

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    hi newbie here too! welcome to the forum and nice meet u here, how that I hope that we could be friends!!

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    thanks all for the warmth welcome..
    it'll be great to discuss web host tech and stuff here..

    i've been reading a lot posts here,so i might have some question answered just by reading those post. so i'm really sorry for not having so many posts as you were here because of it

    but many thanks anyway,and i'm open to any newbies discussion so we could gather more information being here at WHT.

    it's wonderful experience just to be here..

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    Hello niktoe,.WELCOME!!Im a newbie here also..So see you around..Enjoy your stay here!!

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