Hi All,

I am starting a web site review site. I already hear a lot of those 'oh no, not another one'. Well I would like it not to be yet another one of 'those'.

I am looking for ideas people have on what they would like to see on a review site. I want to know what you like, what irritates you, what should be included and what should definatelly not be there. Are there any rules I should implement? What about moderators? How do I prevent from spamming/flooding/flaming?
I want an intelligent mixture of a forum and a web site, any ideas?

An important point being that I will not have any sponsors for this website, I have some free time and money (doesn't happen a lot these days) and I would like to create a site where the reviews and opinions would be taken seriously.

I do realise that credibility and respect only comes with time but that is my long term goal.

Thanks to everyone in advance

PS: The site in my signature is probably still not avaliable .. DNS updates and such ...