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    * Where to input command

    I would like to know where I should type the command? I haven't done it before.
    I just can't find text input box for me to type command anywhere in WHM.

    I want to install cURL in my VPS. I have VPS plan with WHM and Cpanel.
    PHP 5.2.8.

    CURL install steps in Mandrake 9.1:
    cp -r /usr/src/php-devel/extensions/curl /tmp/curl
    cd /tmp/curl
    make install
    echo "extension =" > /etc/php/90_curl.ini

    Restart apache web server.
    ========================================================== is in:

    look in phpinfo, the string:

    Needs these tools:

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    You will need to open a root shell to issue these commands.
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    how to open a root shell. I search this phrase on google. Can't find it.

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    You'll need an SSH client such as PuTTY (google it) to connect. Mac OSX / Linux has it's own shell and thus can ssh out of the box (Terminal).

    You should type "ssh root@<IP of server>" without quotes to open a connection to the server, and enter a password (will not echo) when prompted. Be careful though when logged in as root user on your VPS if you don't know what you're doing - you could easily wipe the entire machine with one line.

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