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    What FONT to use for my website.

    Pls i'm having problem replicating nice fonts i see in some websites probably because i don't know their names. I've tried so many fonts but nothing looks like what i see in those websites. For example the font on my website is not clear enough and is unattractive.

    What i want to know is which font is used my most websites or which is more popular. For example what font was used in this websites :, and

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    Articles Base uses the font 'Arial' for most of their content. It's a clean and clear font that a lot of designers use.

    I'd suggest searching google for 'what font to use on my site'.
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    Thanks bro, i really appreciate it.

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    There are other things to worry about than fonts...

    Dont worry too much. Arial and Verdana are fine.
    Also.. people are used to them, expect them and should you try and use something fancy you may alienate your visitors.

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    I use verdana as many users are used to this and its a common well known font, i wouldn't go to a extreme fancy font, if readers can't read it you loose the chance of them coming back.

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    I like 'Tahoma'
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    I prefer the sans-serif fonts like Arial, Geneva, Verdana, Helvetica, Trebuchet MS, and Tahoma
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    Quote Originally Posted by afam4eva View Post
    Thanks bro, i really appreciate it.
    You're welcome

    I also forgot to mention, if you want to start using some custom fonts for headings, titles, etc, you'll need to start using something along the lines of sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement).

    Just run a google search on 'sIFR tutorial'. Remember, you can not use custom fonts unless your users also have them installed unless you use the sIFR method, flash or by embedding the text into images (but I strongly recommend sIFR as opposed to the latter two methods).

    Good luck.
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    Remember also that the size, color and surrounding elements also have to fit with the design to make the font look good.
    Fonts look different on different sites because of these things.

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    I like Verdana because it scales well and is very readable at smaller point sizes.
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    If your website is about the business you should use font Arial or Helvetica.. if it's a blog, use can use verdana or tahoma

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