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    Help for setup VPN

    I m working a in company which block much domin i need to access, and i already rent a dedicated sever (windows 2003 standard) for personal use, but this server only come with 1 NIC, people told me i may setup a VPN service in dediacated server which i can use VPN connection in office. But is there anyone can teach me how do i do that, thank you.

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    If you're using Windows on your server, take a look at Comodo's Easy VPN:
    John Slane | Systems Administrator

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    Requirements and Install: AD, DNS, RAS

    1: Have to install active directory and dns functions on your server.

    2: Administrative Tools > Routing and Remote Access > "Custom Access" > "VPN" > Finsih

    3: Administrative Tools > Routing and Remote Access > Right Click on your VPN and select > Properties

    4: IP Tab> Check Static address pool and assign a range

    5: Administrative Tools > Routing and Remote Access > Expand Your VPS Name and right click on "Remote Access Policies" > New Remote Access Policy

    6: Next > Policy Name - Name It > "VPN" > Next > Add an Active Directory Group to the policy > Next > Finish

    7: Open Active Directory and add the group to the user and then go to the Dial Up tab and select enable for the user.

    Done, about a 5 minute process.

    Hope this helps - Quality Engineered Linux/Windows 2003/2008 Dedicated VPS Provider - "VDS/VPS Setup AVAILABLE!!!"
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