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    Budget VPS Hosting Advice

    Hi Guys,

    Any recommendations for a host that fits my budget

    Im looking to spend no more than 20$,

    I want a Managed Server, with at least 30Gb storage and about 500Gb data transfer, I need this because im going to offer free hosting on my site in exchange for building up content, I would be needing cpanel & whm also, I need such space because offering free hosting would result in a lot of people utilizing my services so I would like to be able to manage it properly, I would also not want to be limited with what i can do for example hosting an irc server, i may be willing to bump up my budget a bit more or decrease it (all the better ), also I would not mind decreasing my requirements I would like to be able to host at least 250 users for a start keeping costs at a minimum is important because its an investment with no actual cash return.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fredesere View Post
    Any advice would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance.
    I suspect this advice may not be appreciated, but I'll give it to you anyway: Rethink your business plan and increase your budget. $20 isn't enough for even an entry-level fully-managed VPS with control panel, and for 250 users you'll probably need more than the entry level.

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    My first and only recommendation would be rethink your budget, the cost of managed services is going to make that budget un-realistic.
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    If you read what I wrote properly my budget could go up or down so I could reduce what I require & keep the same budget till i have a lot signing up Whig could take a while or I could simply increase the budget I just don't want to waste money by paying silly amounts of money for something I may not use, hence my reason for wanting a wide range of prices o reasonably good hosts not superstar ones that charge crazy amounts for next to nothing just because of their "reputation" I mean reputation is good but if it eta the job done reasonably well then I'm for I don't want to overspend because I'm buying a brand .

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    Well you will see the names like wiretree been thrown around on the forum a lot.
    They are a great host for people wanting management that is top noch, support ticket replies and fixes averaging I would guess under an hour, cheap hosts generally just arn't going to compete with this kind of service.
    The fact generally is the better management that you need the more that its going to cost...
    If by management you just mean you need a helping hand every so often then a cheaper managed service should do you.
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