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    How did HostingCon Help your business ?


    I did not go to Hostingcon this year, primary reason was because I was more leaning to investment's that might pull off a nice lead or two.

    However I have my eye's set towards the next hostingcon in texas, But before I make a decision, I want to ask how did it help your business ?
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    I have my eyes on the next one, too. I don't expect it to have a direct material impact but the networking aspect of the event must be great and beneficial.

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    We look more toward brand building, did not calculate a ROI.

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    I think they key is to have clear goals before you go.

    Last year we wanted to launch as a brand and get more resellers for

    This year we wanted to make sure to tell potential resellers that VPS.NET enable everyone to start their own cloud hosting offering, incl. whmcs, blesta and cannybill integration.

    How did it help our business?

    For in 08 - greatly! No doubt about it, our referral stats proved that.
    For VPS.NET in 09 - still to early to tell, but feedback from the conference was amazing.

    Hostingcon is good for reaching out to a certain core part of the sme's in the industry. So make sure not to try to sell "too much", but keep the message clear and simple.

    Sure, it is a bit expensive, but 1-2 good resellers can easily cover the cost.

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    I dont know how should i state this but the day i reached at hosting con, enquiries started generating at my office end , But definately was good to boost up things for us.

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    strengthen personal relationships with people in the industry and your customers - you might not think you would like someone from interaction in writing on a board and they turn out in person to be one of your great friends and your interaction completely changes after meeting them

    make new contacts

    learn very valuable new information from industry leaders!
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    I honestly believe if you attend these events that are setup thought the year whether you see it or not it does help your business. Passing out business cards or simply walking up to someone and striking up a conversation can be an ever lasting impression.
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    I agree with Ditlev a lot, and I think that he and UK2 did a great job at it. They went there with a big push on VPS.Net and I am positive that they will generate quite a bit of sales through it. Out of all of the things that companies could have their branding on, I think the bags were the best choice. The instant I walked in to the hotel, I saw the bags everywhere.

    Our goal was just to make some contacts, and meet up with people we've been working with for a while but never met. We passed out about 400 business cards, so hopefully that will generate some sales. We've already generated several sales off of it, and I am hoping more will come soon.
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