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    Server config problem?

    I'm probably not the first one to have this problem but I haven't had much luck using fixes in other posts (perhaps because I haven't used linus before) the VPS is hosted by anduron domains (website is a clone of godaddy (their support even accidentally gave me a godaddy link for my server account when it didn't come up)

    server OS
    Fedora release 7 (Moonshine)

    Simple Control Panel version: 1.4.4
    DB version: 1.4.0
    Build ID: 1.4.4-20090219.0819
    Installed modules: DNS

    I'm trying to setup a website for a gaming group I've setup name servers dns is resolved I can reach the index page however if I try to access the subdirectory's so I can setup their forums and other modules (ignore the reversed slashes)
    \yourdomainhere\index .html = works
    eg \yourdomainhere\phbb3 returns http 404 not found

    I have it uploaded to both the var\www\html
    and the dir for the domain under domain(manger account name)\public_html <<-- this is where the test index html is loaded and works.

    I've added files named .htaccess to the directory with the line
    Options +indexes
    this hasn't worked I read in another post to change a html.conf file though not 100% on where on the server it's located or if that's the solution I need any help would be appreciated also it doesn't accept the domain name if it's prepended with a www

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    I would say that is a resold GoDaddy VPS -- As far as I know 'Simple Control Panel' is a GoDaddy exclusive thing.

    Your best bet would be to contact your provider as I am pretty sure not many people have experience with how that control panel structures the various services and configuration files.

    Also, definitely keep in mind that your version of Fedora has been End of Lifed by Fedora and stopped receiving updates on June 13, 2008

    Fedora never has been a good server OS due to their constant releasing of new versions and EOL on the older ones fairly quickly.
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    First of all - maybe your home directory was set incorrectly .

    Moreover, phpBB forum needs PHP v5 to be compiled in order to work. Does php is configured ? Otherwise 404 error is showing because server cannot recognise .php files in subfolder.

    Please try to create empty folder - or upload .html file - it should be displayed.

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    scrapped them moved knownhost for my vps

    What do I have to change so that people can bring up the site by putting in www dot domainname dot com or domainname dot com right now it only works with host dot domainname dot come

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    You should add a cname (or A record) in your DNS zone. I've founded the following howto :

    The record should be like this :

    www 14400 IN CNAME

    or 14400 A CNAME XX.XX.XXX.XXX << server IP

    Moreover, please check whether domain alias as is configured in your web server (apache) .

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