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Thread: refferal system

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    refferal system

    hey guys
    i was wondering what the best refferal program is

    at this moment i use the build in whmcs

    but the hard part is that you cant see who reffered who and that it can only be used to reffer products

    and because i like to keep some contests , so it would be kinda nice to find some refferal scripts that realy works

    i searched it before and found 1 refferal program that does what it need to do (not 100% but close to it )
    exept that you need to register (like usual) and that it is kinda useless because it reffer you back to that program , and not to where it need to be

    i hope you can help me wiht it

    Greets From The Crasher

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    Hello are you looking for some kind of affiliate platform? (we use affiliate program in WHMCS)

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    Try JROX maybe?
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    The integrated affiliates system is simple and easy to use. You may want to try idevaffiliate at

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    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    Try JROX maybe?
    JROX, ROX's
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