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    * Windows and apache

    hey all
    i know some persones just like Xamp and some other program that do the hard work for you

    but i was wondering what the best program is ??

    at this moment i got a custom install of apache and mysql , it is this way that it create his own disk

    so the folders looks like /www for the webstie
    and /usr/local/mysql for mysql and so

    just like linux , but then on windows

    but i am not sure if this is good , or that Xamp or Wamp is better to use on windows ??

    Thank you
    Greets From The Crasher

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    I think it's best to use what you are comfortable with. Using a package like Xampp gives you a package that is easy to configure and install.
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    Apache, MySQL and PHP run just fine on Windows...some say PHP actually runs better.

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    I've always installed them individually, which isn't too difficult. Lots of documentation for each of the components on Windows around.

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    Call me lazy, but I just download the latest build of wamp and be done with it. Granted I hardly use windows for hosting.

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    If you do not have any experience of installing them individually then you should go for Xamp. You can install all of its components in just clicks and there are no specific settings which you have to make after its installation.

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    I agree on the xamp. I hate using apache with Windows.

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    Windows server apache installation XAMP 1.7.1 can do with.

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