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    * Best Program for vps hosting

    hey all
    i was wondering what kind of program is the best for vps hosting ??

    this are a few programs i know

    vmware ( overselling posseble , sharing all the resources , running on windows/linux and even a bare metal version and windows and linux vps)

    Xen (overselling not posseble , running on linux , windows and linux vps)

    OpenVZ ( overselling posseble , running on linux only and linux vps only )

    parralels virtuozo (overselling posseble , running on windows only , Windows vps only )

    XenServer (overselling not posseble , running on linux only , bare metal version avaible , windows and Linux VPS)

    so i was wondering if there are more of that kind of software that are good for selling windows on ?? or linux and windows ??

    Thank you
    Greets From The Crasher

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    Hyper-V (no overselling allowed and free with Windows 2008)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultima VPS View Post
    Hyper-V (no overselling allowed and free with Windows 2008)
    Hyper-V is great, however, one thing I do not like is the fact you cannot easily lower the amount of space allocated to a VHD. I tried numerous times and you just cannot do it. I was not using any sort of control panel (DNP), just manually working with the Hyper-V manager.

    If you want true virtualization and not just process isolation then I would look at VMWare or Hyper-V. If you do not want 'true' virtualization then Virtuozzo is a big player in the Windows market.

    Now, for linux, I very much love working with OpenVZ. Xen is also great, but I really love OpenVZ.
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    I am all pro Xen - have been avoiding many issues with that selection. But my limited experience from virtuozzo containers is not bad either - I just think it allows overselling far too easily.

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    Virtuozzo is the best solution available. Very good management tools for the admin and the end user.

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    Hi. We are very happy with Xen so far. It's very flexible, and allow you to run a different kernel for each VM if you want to, which is not possible with VZ containers. Then you can allow your customers to use specific kernel for their OS if they feel like it, which is very good for driver compatibility (Asterisk, VPNs, etc. all need that). You will also be able to run NetBSD.

    We have tried using windows for our own usage (both at home and remotely), and it works pretty well, especially with the GPL-PV drivers. I have a very limited experience in running it in production, but so far, so good. We just don't offer windows services because we don't feel we know enough to offer good support, and we have a passion for free software, but I really think some other people must be very happy with it.

    What I regret a lot with Xen is that there's no support for 64 bits paravirtualized FreeBSD. In fact, I should say it the other way around. FreeBSD people did not yet release a 64 bits version of their os with Xen 3 support. We'd be so happy to be able to do that...

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