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    * Legal Obligations for Invoicing/receipting

    Howdy, Iím just curious what are my legal obligations for invoicing and receipting of purchases for my hosting site?

    Do I have to invoice/receipt a customer every month for a recurring purchase?
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    I believe you do not if the credit card gateway sends an invoice. When they sign up they sign up to pay monthly and it states this on the site.... so I believe you are safe if thats the way you work.

    Any other ideas from anyone else?
    -- Matthew

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    I would think it would be prudent of you to contact both an accountant and attorney for one major reason, each state has differrent laws that pertain to interstate commerce.

    Not to mention if your state collects taxs and if they do they what to see the invoices or statements and it's your responsible to show what's being billed and whats been collected.

    A good billing and customer care solution should handle that for you to meet those needs.

    Sorry for my long winded comment.
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    Great advice from Leeb!

    Also realize that if you don't invoice your clients, if they dispute your charges at a later time you will have no paper trail or proof to backup your claim. Thus, you would loose a chargeback or arbitration.

    If you are in the United States, the IRS does require a receipt for each sale (in the case of a dreaded audit, you would be in deep trouble without them ).

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    Yes. YOu need to invoice every sale. Send a copy to your customer and keep a copy for yourself. This will make the customer happy, credit card companies happy, and the IRS off your back(atleast somewhat if your audited.)
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