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    Network Solutions VPS to VPN help

    I purchase a VPS account with Network Solutions. I already setup a plesk and virtuozzo account. I then click on "Modules" and see "Virtual Private Networking" so I click on it. It asked me to put a "local peer address" and "remote peer address". I assume it was my router ip so I put that in. If i made a mistake let me know.

    I posted a screen shot for what I have done please take a look. What I am trying to do is setup a vpn, so when I go on vaction, coffee shop, etc with my laptop I can surf from my vpn.

    Step 1
    Is my step 1 picture correct ip?

    Step 2
    What do I do on step 2 picture

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    In virtuozzo your host need to do changes before you can use the VPN. Contact your host.

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    What type of changes. They don't have enough knowledge on vps. Some of the staff do so I would have to let me them exactly what.

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    What type of VPN do you have? In Windows Server 2003

    Administrative Tools > Routing and Remote Access > "Custom Access" > "VPN" > Finsih.

    They don't have enough knowledge on vps. Some of the staff do so I would have to let me them exactly what.
    Not a good sign.
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    For the VPN page it is asking you what the IP for the INTERNAL part of the VPN will be, and what the EXTERNAL part.

    For example if you PUBLIC IP is : that would be the remote peer, and if your INTERNAL IP is: then that would be the local peer.

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    All details you need to configure VPN - description for Plesk 7.5 :

    Local peer address and Remote peer address - two hosts connected by a VPN channel need to have a pair of virtual network interfaces to route the traffic through. You need to assign two IP addresses to them, one for each side of the VPN circuit. These IP addresses should be chosen from some private address spaces and it is important that they should not overlap with any of the IP addresses present within the local networks on either side of the tunnel. These two addresses must differ only in the two least significant bits. You can pick .1 and .2 for the last octets, for example.

    Regarding img2 - please follow the link , hope you'll get all details

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    Ok I finally found a way to try to get vpn to work. I download openvpn and install it. I didn't understand what virtuozzo was for. It looked like some linux files in there. So I did some reading and found out I can install openvpn with ssh. SSH didn't work for 4 days so I contact networksolutions and person said it was weird that it's not work. Within 4 hours they fix the problem.

    Anyways so now that I have installed it and I want to put the openvpn serial number, it gives me a error.
    chain_add_license_key: <Fault 9001: 'DB_ERROR: ValidationProperties failure: fuzzy property MAC_ADDR is not present in local machine validation properties'>
    I unistall and reinstall same problem and I am even using different serial numbers. What can be the problem.

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    Update - this could be the cause of the problem but not sure. TUN was not on. So I have to wait until the engineers are on hand. I will keep people update how it goes. Let me know if the error was because of TUN.

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