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    Smile 1 month review

    Hi my name ercan My English is not good
    I am customer sharedlayer

    1. quality service
    2. high uptime
    3. very good technical support
    4. good price
    5. many more good etc...

    Wht a very good forum benevolent members

    good evening!

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    Always great to see positive reviews. Thanks for review. Keep us updating in future also.
    Support Facility | 24/7 web hosting technical support services
    Technical support | Server management | Data migration

    Technical Articles

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    Thanks for review
    Webgater.CoM - Cheap FullyManged Unmetered VPS , Master Reseller ,
    Reseller and Webhosting.
    Tomer A

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    Glad to see that you are happy with your provider. Keep us posted again in future. Also you can report a domain or IP hosted there to get your review verified by the moderators as it is a regular procedure here. You can use the following link to report it privately.

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    I do not understand

    very good service
    not raport complaints, etc. ..

    my server ip:

    my partner sharedlayer

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    I've moved over about 5 to 6 servers to SharedLayer. Each purring like a kitten. Some bumps in the road to getting them setup, but thats all part of life and it all got worked out. I've recommended many friends to use them and hope they grab some servers soon.

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