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    cPanel Themes

    Is there a good place to get nice cPanel themes? Free or otherwise. I am interested in building my own but there seems to be too many hooks into cPanel embedded in the HTML.

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    Well you can BUILD your own using RVskin (i think its possible)
    google for "FREE+cpanel themes"...

    Well i have found those guys offering cpanel themes:

    I recommend you to HIRE some freelancer do a custom one for you (just my advice).

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    Yes, you can build your own which will make it more custom to your web hosting company. You should fine a designer / developer skilled in the area so nothing gets messed up as a result. Best of luck!
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    RVSkin is the best solution. It allows to customize Cpanel and includes different themes and have support a lot of languages.
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    Cpanel just released some new free themes at
    You can download the theme tarball and just edit the html code in it for minor modifications.
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