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Thread: Virpus reviews

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    Virpus reviews

    Considering taking advantage of their current offering in the VPS offers section. It looks like they were having some issues a few weeks ago, does anyone know if this is resolved?

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    From what I have heard the previous "issue" has been resolved... but never specifically heard what their official reason for the outage was.
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    Regardless if they're resolved or not, be sure to make regular backups!

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    When I had a VPS with them in January they were good. But in April I started to hear some bad things regarding downtime.

    Not sure about how they are now.

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    In some recent threads some I saw some clients describing their problems. But every where I can see Ken coming with a great customer service mentality. That is good thing actually. I hope you will get direct comments from their customers to feel the current situation there. Best of luck.

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