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    Question One-month credit cards??

    We charge for our services monthly. Over the past few months, I have had three customers call to update their expiry date...and the call goes like this:

    "Hi. My bank just sent me a new credit card, but it expires 0909. They say they're going to send me another one, so...I guess I'll call you back next month!"

    I cannot for the life of me think of a good reason why a bank would issue a card valid for only one month. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I have never heard of a one month credit card.
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    I have two possible thoughts:

    1. They were all visa cards. Visa is releasing their new "chip and pin" business and if those people's cards were expiring before they could get the new technology cards, they might have short expiry dates on their cards they got, to force the upgrade to the new cards.

    2. They all came from the same "printer" and there was a screw up, stamping them with the wrong date.

    My bet would be thought number 1, as I know I got a mail from my bank last month about the "new" cards, although mine doesn't expire until 09/09 anyway.

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