Hi everyone,

We are a web design and hosting firm looking to get established in the market. While we have market research that shows that reason that many business are not currently online is due to a lack of understanding about how to get online (or the ridiculous prices some of our competitors are charging to get a web site made), we lack the needed sales skills to effectively promote our hosting and design services. That is where you would come in.

In return for effectively promoting our services via such means as cold calling potential clients (businesses that do not have web sites), you would be paid competitive commission rates. Our current plan is as follows:

50% commission for web site design work (average $600-800 per client project)

20% recurring commission for hosting (we would include a free year of hosting with the design work, so this would kick in their 2nd year)

Example: if you did one sale per week with a $700 design project:
You would get $350 commission for the design work (paid when we get the first deposit)

After the client is with us for one year, you would receive the recurring commission for their hosting services. For our Silver package, this would be $2.00 per month. After 2 years (if you get one sale per week), you would get a recurring $100 per month as long as you are with us.

We want to have a minimum target of one sale per week, but we have the capacity to do about 3 sites a week. If you do well at sales, you could make pretty good money

Interested parties may send me a PM.