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    * ASP / Mono v2 (Could not load file or assembly 'FreeTextBox)

    We have a customers website,

    Could not load file or assembly 'FreeTextBox, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=5962A4E684A48B87' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

    Description: HTTP 500. Error processing request.

    Being totally honest... our experience in ASP is lacking to say the least. Is FreeTextBox supported by Mono V2? Scoured Google and didn't come up with anything helpful. Hopping someone here will have experience with it . This is on their own VPS and not on our shared/reseller servers. We installed Mono 2 from the easyapache cPanel script. If there is any additional configuration needed, share this with us

    Thanks guys!

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    This post seems to describe your problem along with a few things to try:

    Hope this helps!
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    I see you use the same Google I do

    As I said before, read through that, and did not find it helpful in this case.

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    Do you have a FreeTextBox.dll in the site's bin directory? If you do, what version is it? Can download it and in Windows, right click on it, go to Properties, and then Details. Look at the File Version.
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    We're not exactly sure where each cPanel/websites /bin directory would be located when it comes to a cPanel setup. Any ideas where? That sounds like the issue. Remember this is a linux mono v2 cPanel setup built using easyapache. Any help at finding the websites bin directory would be great



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    I am more experienced with ASP.NET, not cPanel. I've used Mono on Linux a couple of times, but always set up manually and not with cPanel/easyapache. You could go to the base directory where the cPanel is storing the site files and doing a "find . -name bin".

    With an error message like that, often times it is an issue with some dependencies. The FTB DLL is likely not v3.2.2.40658, but one of the old DLLs is strictly dependent on that version. It looks like FTB is a strongly typed DLL, meaning when other DLLs reference it, they get a strict dependency on the version and you can't just drop in a new one.

    What also might be happening is you have two DLLs that reference FTB, but separate versions of it. Each has a strict reference, but to different versions. To fix that, you'd most likely need to recompile the application or contact the authors of the program. Without knowing more about what the site is, can't tell you which.
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